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The World’s First Smart Emoji Device

$535,000+ Rised with over 5350 backers! 
You still have a chance to order Mojipic at a price up to 43% discount ! 
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GIFs 😡

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Live With Emotions 😘 

Express your emotions through the Gifs and emojis and share them with the others drivers —control all from your smartphone.
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About Mojipic 🤔

Mojipic is the first unique gadget that offers  drivers the opportunity to demonstrate their emotions, mood,status, national identity, exhibit sporting interests, cheer for their favourite teams, share a festive mood, and furthermore be progressively sociable with the other drivers or the outside world. Mojipic can be used as an advertising platform or even to get acquainted with each other.

  • 'One day I went to the hockey game to cheer on my favorite team, encountering these cheerful feelings, I would to demonstrate these sentiments to other people and even find like-minded people — so the idea came to create a Mojipic not as a one-time sticker but with a large catalog of various Gifs and Emojis controlled by an App'

$535,000+ Rised with over 5350 backers! 

 Already on Indiegogo Indemand!

You still have a chance to order Mojipic at a price up to 43% discount!   

User Cases 😇 

For Fun

Express Your Emotions with the GiFs, Emojis & Stickers

For Drivers

Gifs & Emojis Transforms Driving Experience Into Smart Trip

For Fans

And for Sport! GIFs, Stickers, Team Emblems

For Taxi

Uber, Lyft, Any Taxis Logo, Passenger Name


8-Bit Games, Real-Time Drawing, GIF-Maker

For Home

Family and National Holidays, Flags & Symbols

For Business

Cafe, Shops, Services, Discounts, Sales, QR-Code

QR Code

Ads, FB, Inst, Twitter, Messengers, URLs, Events etc.

Mojipic Device 😎

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App Features 🤗

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Gifs, Emojis, Pictures

More than 1500 Gifs, Smiles & Emojis. Baseball Teams, Nfl, Nba, Nhl, Soccer, flags of countries, national symbols and holidays etc.

QR Code

The world’s first integration into the LED Display. You can generate any information like Instagram, Facebook, Url, Paypal, WhatsUp etc.

Voice Control

The voice control function enables you to display images without being distracted on the road, by simply using a voice command, which makes driving easier and safe.

Real Time Drawing & GIF Maker

Realtime drawing and Gif Maker allowing to create own pictures and Gifs which are displaying on the device

8 Bit Games

8-Bit games are built into the application, which are displayed on the Led Display, and the phone becomes a gamepad

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Easy Install 😍

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Instant installation 
on any glass or window 
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Download mobile App and 
connect to Smartphone
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Choose Emoji, Gif or picture 
and show it on Mojipic Display

Device Specs 🤯

32x32 Pix

6000 Cd outdoor LEDs. These are the brightest and most energy efficient LEDs based on their size. At the same time emit the least heat.

Body and Mount

Device: 140x153x27mm 5,5 x 6 x 1 in Mount: 258x54mm 10.1 x 2,1 in

Wireless Control

BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) There is also a manual control buttons on the device

8200 mAh

High quality Li-Pol rechargeable battery, developed specifically for our device. Produced according to international safety standards

Car Charger

Onboard car power 12V maximum power consumption 4А (At maximum brightness in white)

Special Plastic

We use special ABS+PC material that is not deformed by sunlight. Mount-POM with Soft silicone suction cups

Operating Range

-25+60c / 13-140F The maximum allowed temperature overboard to operate the device inside the vehicle


1x Mojipic Device 1x Car Charger 1x Suction Cup Mount 1x User Manual.

1 Year

Dear friends! Before using, read the warranty and recommendations when using the device. 1 year warranty.

Indiegogo Indemand

$535,000+ Rised with over 5350 backers! Already on Indiegogo Indemand! You still have a chance to order Mojipic at a price up to 43% discount!